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Production Equipment:

Always striving to produce the highest quality of injection molded parts, Foxboro made the commitment in 1993 to utilize only Toyo injection molding machines which are regularly traded in for newer models.

Our capabilities lie within our molding machines and currently we have clamping force ranging from 90 tons to 500 tons with shots sizes ranging from 1/3 pound to 4¼ pounds. To further increase quality and productivity Foxboro recently welcomed automation into its facility and currently employs 6
HyRobotics TOPIV swing type sprue pickers.

Current Machine List:

3 - 500 Ton Clamping Force, Shot Capacity 4.25 lbs.
1 - 300 Ton Clamping Force, Shot Capacity 2 lbs.
2 - 245 Ton Clamping Force, Shot Capacity 1.75 lbs.
2 - 200 Ton Clamping Force, Shot Capacity 1 lbs.
2 - 90   Ton Clamping Force, Shot Capacity 1/3 lbs.

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