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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is your shot size capability?

Currently our machines range from 5.5 oz or 1/3 lb. to 68 oz or 4.25 lb. shot capacity.

Can Foxboro design tools and/or parts?

All tools built by Foxboro are first designed on our sophisticated CAD system which is usually done directly from our customer’s part prints. A dedicated e-mail address to our CAD system allows our customers to send this information 24 hours a day 7 days a week at their convenience. We also assist with part design for with close to 20 years experience in injection molding Foxboro works with our customers engineers to help design plastic friendly components that minimize tooling costs and maximizes part quality and appearance.

Does Foxboro build their own tools or outsource their tooling?

Foxboro has many options available when it comes to tooling. With a complete in-house machine shop Foxboro can build tools internally however, Foxboro also has established a network of tool shops that allows us to outsource tools domestically or abroad.

How does Foxboro handle tool maintenance?

Foxboro with its in house tool shop regularly schedules customer’s tools for inspections so that all tools are kept at their peak operating performance. Most normal repairs are absorbed by Foxboro but any major repairs we contact our customers for their guidance as to how to proceed. We work closely with our customers to develop mold specific maintenance programs to ensure the highest quality parts and the longest achievable tool life.

What other types of activities does Foxboro offer to customers besides injection molding?

Foxboro provides a full range of secondary operations including such functions as over molding, hot stamping, labeling, sub-assembly of parts, insert molding, riveting, gluing, stapling and retail packaging.

Our company employs Just In Time manufacturing; is this something Foxboro can achieve?

Foxboro itself is setup on JIT principles and operates in a lean environment; as such Foxboro is more than willing to participate in our customers JIT systems whenever available. Some of the special inventory needs we already fill are JIT delivery of product and barcode labeling for inventory management.

How up-to-date is your equipment and facility?

Our current facility was constructed in 1997 and none of the machines we had in our previous facility moved with us into our new building. Because of our commitment to technology, our molding machines are regularly reviewed as to their total hours of operation and the number of cycles they have ran which then determines their replacement date. As to the facility, air conditioning was installed in 2005 in order to control the air quality and humidity levels which do have a definite impact on some materials.

What types of plastics can Foxboro mold?

Foxboro has the capability of molding a wide variety of resins from the most basic commodities to the more complex and exotic resins; if we don’t currently mold the resin your project requires, we view that as a potential challenge and an opportunity to increase our level of expertise within the industry.

Where exactly is Foxboro located?

Foxboro is located in Gerald, Missouri approx 65-70 miles south west of St. Louis and approx 55-60 miles south east of Jefferson City. Foxboro is conveniently located just 25 miles off interstate 44, one of the major shipping lanes east-west across the United Sates.

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